Fun ideas for custom plaques you may want to consider


Today, one of the modern-day approaches to build a successful enterprise is by empowering and engaging their workforce. Aside from giving a handsome pay check, giving them a custom plaques award for their hard work and behavior is a great way to appreciate them.

Giving plaques is a nice choice for recognizing someone for their achievements.  Of course, you want your plaques to be special when you are presenting them an award. Although there is nothing wrong with traditional plaques, there are fun and unique plaques ideas that you will be proud to give.

Tips When Choosing Custom Plaques Ideas

Choose the perfect custom plaques material

Wood is one of the most common types of plaques. But there is a lot of option that you can choose from like:

-       Rosewood

-       Walnut

-       Cherry woods

-       Glass

-       Acrylic

-       Marble

-       Metal

-       Cast Aluminum

You can choose your materials for your awards based on the types of an award ceremony, budget, or nature of the event.

Consider fun shape custom plaques

Let's try to skip to a basic rectangular plaque. It may feel a little fancier if you are having a notched corner plaque. Or if you giving for someone in law enforcement, Shield-shaped plaques would be a perfect shape.

Scroll-shaped custom plaques are perfect awards related to writing, educational, academic, legal, or other professional accomplishments while home plate plaques are perfect for sports achievements.

But if you still want to go to the traditional rectangular custom plaques, we advise that you consider a landscape layout.

Custom Plaques? Make it a leather plaque award.

If you want your awards to stand out and look classy and professional, you can consider giving leather plaques.

You don't to be that unconventional? Choose leather plaques with laser engravings are made up of hardwood with a premium-quality leather plate. You can explore all your options like picking a unique stone resin or an AcrylaStone plaque.

Include a photo on your plaques

You can add photographs to make your custom plaques much more personal and meaningful. Plaques with photographs are a great idea to give in a sports events or group activities. Aside from that, there are curved glass photo plaques available in the market where it has a built-in frame. This is a good idea if you want to insert your photo after receiving it.

Consider having a 3D plaque design

Do you want to make your awards more "pop" and unique? Consider giving a plaque award with three-dimensional features. If you want to give recognition to a newly elected officer, a new position in the legal field, or completing a law school, gavel plaques are the best choice. While a door knocker award is a perfect award design to give to your top sales personnel.

Hybrid plaque and trophy

Can't decide whether to give a plaque or a trophy? Well, you don't have to choose because you can order a combination of plaque and trophy awards. 

Engraving a Custom Award Plaque

Custom plaques with the engraved message make it more memorable for the recipient. And the plaque will help them recall the momentous occasion for years to come.


Giving plaque awards to your employees or teams helps to motivate them to do more. It also gives a sense of gratification and belongingness. Aside from that, giving plaques are also a great way to enhance the company's culture as well as boosting the morale of your employee. Planning to give custom plaques for your employees? Same Day Awards offer the latest technology to engrave fast and accurate trophy and medal orders ship within 24 hours.